All In!

It’s time to be ALL IN! Go for that goal or project or task you’ve been putting off, swing for the fences, and get it done.

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All In!

It’s time to be all in. It’s time to execute. It’s time to complete that task or project or goal or dream or aspiration that you’ve been putting off.

No more.

Of course, you should complete a GAMEplan so you can define your goals, the actions you take to achieve them, and the metrics you use to determine if you’ve succeeded in meeting your goals.

But that’s just the beginning, not the end. Don’t use your GAMEplan as a procrastination tool. Be all in right now.

As a coach, this might mean creating lists of potential clients (cold leads and warm leads). Then, calling, texting, messaging, or emailing these people. Swing for the fences.

If you have 4 clients, don’t aim for 6, aim to get 20. Schedule the time and do the work, even if you don’t want to. The impact on 2024 and beyond will be incalculable, beyond the confidence you gain from having done the work.

It’s time to be all in.




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