Coaching Q&A – Episode 384

Matt & CJ answer your coaching questions, including ACL tears, improving vertical jump, coaching blind lifters, and coaching obese lifters.

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0:00 Introduction

2:51 Nutrition Questions from Strength Clients

  • what is your professional scope? know it, can refer out, and admit if you can’t answer the question
  • if you offer paid nutrition coaching, say that as part of the answer

9:15 Friendships & Clients

  • need to address issues early on if it’s an issue (it will only get worse if you don’t)
18:09 ACL Tears
  • ligaments cannot be healed from physical therapy (require surgery)
  • seems to have some correlation with hamstring weakness
28:25 Low Bar Squat Pain
  • high bar not causing an issue, keep doing that
  • could test low bar occasionally to see it it persists over time

36:15 Building At Home Coaching Clientele

  • have to establish local connections
  • need to have your gym look nice
  • “I take this serious”

44:12 Elbow Tendinitis & Injuries

  • build trust & have open communication

53:08 Vertical Jump

  • losing weight can really help
  • there is a big genetic component
  • increasing force development helps (strength)
  • practice the power development

59:00 Training Untrained Obese

  • meet clients where they are, but assume they can’t train–they can
  • what CAN they do, how can you add stress to that

1:06:05 Coaching Blind Lifters

  • meet them where they are–they can still hear you
  • they can feel things better




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