#321 – Even Coaches Need Coaches with Niki Sims and Andrew Jackson


Matt’s on holiday celebrating his 20th anniversary, so Barbell Logic staff coaches Niki Sims and Andrew Jackson met via Zoom to talk about the role coaching has played in their development as both lifters and coaches.


Both Andew and Niki have lifted for years now, and are advanced lifters, yet they still see value in regular coaching. While they may not need daily form reviews for each of their lifts, they appreciate the accountability that regular check-ins with a coach offers, as well as the unbiased third-party perspective on their programming. When attempting to program for yourself, it’s tempting to let small deviations in technique slide, or perhaps to drop a set or two during a hard volume day. Over time these deviations add up, and detract from an advanced lifter’s ability to make progress.


As a competitive lifter, Niki enjoys the attention her coach pays to both her mental and physical wellbeing during the peaking phase as a meet draws near. She likes a coach whose attention to programming and her wellbeing matches her own level of care, as she puts it.


You can find Niki and Andrew at Barbell Logic Online Coaching, as well as on Instagram:

@vera_nache: https://www.instagram.com/vera_nahce/

@andrewbarbender: https://www.instagram.com/andrewbarbender/




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