Tips for Training While Traveling

Learn the whys and hows of exercising when you’re on vacation. Learn tips for training while traveling.

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Tips for Training While Traveling: Whys

Why train while traveling?

While, in part, it depends on how often you travel, your goals, the length of travel, and how consistent you are outside of travel. For those who are extremely consistent and rarely travel, it might make sense to take the week off.

If you travel for business, you need to train.

You will feel better if you train. The workout might not feel good, especially to start, but you will feel better afterwards. You might even feel better during the workout (e.g. initial warm ups feel terrible, then the heavier warm ups and work sets move well and feel good).

It also helps provide structure to your days, which on vacation can often lack structure. Additionally, it gives you some short amount of you time, and, importantly, healthy you time.

Tips for Training While Traveling: Hows

Incorporate your gym seeking into your travel planning. Checkout the hotel gym and nearby gyms. You can often find a serviceable gym that has a guest policy. You might need to call the gym to check the visitor policy.

Pack and prioritize some equipment. Belts and other bulky items are not needed. Having a pair of shoes that you can both lift and do cardio with makes sense. You might pack some small things like liquid chalk, straps, or knee sleeves.

Plan your workout ahead of time. Intend to do at least something hard – get into that “worth it” zone.

Depending on the number of times you will train and decide whether you will do full body and a split. Fewer times means full body makes more sense.

Besides that, Niki and Andrew have some general tips and approaches they take:

  • Mentally let go of the weight on the bar
  • AMRAPs
  • supersets (antagonistic or similar)
  • burn out sets
  • drop sets
  • hard exercises that don’t require tons of weight (e.g. bulgarian split squats)
  • bend these joints: knees, shoulders, elbows, hips

Try out these tips for training while traveling.

A couple links for helping you train while traveling can be found here & here.




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