#191 – Never Sated: The Fight Against Cerebral Palsy with Smiles Taylor & Uncle Nic


Matt and Scott talk with lifter and coach (and, recently, social media superstars) Miles “Smiles” Taylor and “Uncle” Nic Myers about Miles’ incredible journey to the strengthlifting platform. Miles has cerebral palsy, a motor disability affecting his ability to control his body. Consequently, prior to discovering training he was very weak physically, but not mentally. Clearly Miles was determined to make the most of his body, and push himself to achieve more than others thought possible.


Fortune favors the bold, an the old Latin proverb says, and Miles reconnected with an old school friend Nic Myers, who had returned from military service. Uncle Nic, as he is known, offered to coach Miles at Neversate Athletics in Westminster, MD, and soon Miles began lifting with the barbell. Progress was slow, as Miles has to muster intense concentration to get his body to move through complex barbell movements. Miles showed up consistently and worked hard, and eventually the gains came. In October 2018 he competed in his first strength competition at the USSF Fall meet in Westminster, going 9/9 and going viral with a video of his final deadlift attempt. Miles continues to set PR’s, achieving a 2x bodyweight, 200lbs deadlift in February 2019. He now trains with strongman implements in addition to the barbell, and hopes to compete in a strongman competition in the future.


You can follow Miles and his jubilant PR videos on Instagram @smiles_taylor, and you can follow his intrepid coach Uncle Nic @uncle.nic. While you’re at it check out some of their sweet merch, including t-shirts and hoodies from the Neversate gym, at https://theloyalbrand.com.


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