#345 – Question & Answer #51

Matt and Niki answer your questions.  Topics include supplemental lifts, training outside, transitioning to a home gym, haircuts and razors, and much, much more.


Time stamps below:
  • 2:25:  Have you found it more effective to rotate the supplemental lifts in waves or run them out?
  • 4:40:  What do you mean when “the deadlift slows down” or “a lift slows down?”  Especially how do you do this without a coach?
  • 6:45:  Any recommendations for buying a rack and platform for outside?  How do you maintain the equipment outside?
  • 10:46:  If you had to switch to a home gym, how do you deal with kids, spouses, etc.?  How do you mentally transition to training?
  • 15:58:  What does your (Niki and Matt’s) training look like these days?
  • 19:35:  How do you train if you only have access to a squat rack and barbell once a week?
  • Rapid fire questions:
    • 26:40:  Where and how do you place a rack on the 8’x8′ AOM DIY platform so two lifters can lift at the same time on each side?
    • 28:22:  Are there any whiskeys you recommend keeping an eye out for for under $60?
    • 29:53:  Are there benefits to using towel chin ups?
    • 31:21:  Is there a York Barbell you recommend?
    • 33:15:  What does Matt use to trim his stylish hair?
    • 35:35:  One rule responses.
    • 44:20:  Is it a problem if lifts are disproportional to one another?  Is there anything you need to do if one lift is disproportionally weaker than another?
    • 46:58:  Progress and a nice note from a lifter.
    • 47:59:  A defense of New England gas stations.
Finally, viewers, our questions to you:  What is outside meat?  What are feature pillows?




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