Online Coaching Success Story with Adam Skillin

Hear a motivating online coaching success story with Adam Skillin, a BLOC coach, who works full time at BLOC.

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Online Coaching Success Story: Before Coaching

Adam Skillin worked various jobs, including banking, but always knew he did not want to go down the typical 9-5 path.

Adam lives and grew up in New Jersey. He worked in the banking industry and also did various jobs including bartending. More than once he picked a job that did not align with good macroeconomic timing.

He became interested in BJJ and MMA, and thought that this would become his side hustle. He planned to open up a gym and tried to get a professional fight.

In 2010 he saw someone in his weight class (he was 5’6″ and weighed 130 pounds) deadlift 405 pounds and did not think that was possible. Further, he immediately saw that getting stronger would provide benefits to his strength.

He began training, got stronger, it improved his BJJ game, and others grew interested. Suddenly, he was coaching other people.

Online Coaching Success Story: Quality of Life

Adam saw that this could become his side hustle. He got stronger, got certified, and as he started to coach people in his free time outside his 9-5 job, online coaching became a thing. He immediately saw the benefits.

A few months later, Matt offered him a job at BLOC to start coaching online.

Adam now coaches over 50 clients making 6 figures a year and works an average of 75-100 minutes a day. He has 100% on-time feedback and extremely high retention.

This is his online coaching success story.




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