What is Your GAMEplan?

What is your GAMEplan? How are you accomplishing the most important – not urgent – goals for your business? How are you determining whether you have actually accomplished this goals? You do this with your GAMEplan. Matt explains the GAMEplan and how you can use it (as Barbell Logic has) to prioritize and accomplish the most important tasks for your business or life.

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What is Your GAMEplan? Prioritize the Important

Matt shares how he discussed the business metrics that matter with Cody Miller, BLOC Coach and owner of the great gym The Strength Parlor. Cody dug in, got a hold of those metrics, and then talked more to Matt.

Well, what’s next?

Next, you need to identify the goals that move the business in the direction you want. Likely, you’ve identified areas of weakness in the metrics.

These goals need to be important. They can be urgent, but they should not be urgent but unimportant. For example, if you fail to address something in the next couple months that would cause the business to fail, that is both important and urgent. You should create goals for that.

Establish goals for the month. You should be able to easily say, with a yes or no answer, if you accomplished the goals.

What is Your GAMEplan? Get After What Matters

Once you have set up your goals, identify actions you believe will accomplish your goals.

For example, you may aim to reduce churn from 4% to 3.85% in the upcoming month. Below are some potential actions to get after that goal.

  • Identify indicators of clients who are likely to cancel
  • Identify time periods of elevated cancellation risk
    • Could be in the life of the client (e.g. first 6 months)
    • Could be in the calendar year (e.g. summer)
  • Establish SOP for high risk clients
    • e.g. Send them an email to schedule a call
  • Establish SOP for high-evelation time periods
    • Have automated onboarding & follow-up process for early clients
    • Schedule fun events during the summer (e.g. lifting meet followed by barbecue)
These are some example, and they might not actually accomplish the goals. You’ll need to be able to measure progress toward the goal with metrics. Let’s move onto discussing metrics.

What is Your GAMEplan? Did You Accomplish Your Goal?

Metrics help you determine if you’re moving toward your goals or not. They help you answer whether you’ve accomplished your goals or not.

As you setup your GAMEplan, you’ll need to schedule a time at the end of the month to assess the past month and then create a new GAMEplan for the next month.

You’ll also need to schedule time to accomplish the actions items. A good way to complete these is using the Pomodoro technique.

There are many ways you can err with the GAMEplan, but don’t stress it too much because you’ll never achieve perfection. Keep striving to get better.

You may have overly ambitious goals or far-too-easily-achievable goals. Your actions items may not have moved you toward your goals or far less than you thought. You may have put too much on your plate (or not enough).

Keep developing ambitious goals, pursue them with actions you believe will accomplish them, and measure them with metrics. Then execute and assess.

What is your GAMEplan?




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