#356 – Q&A #53

Matt, Niki, & Andrew answer your questions. Topics include press programming frequency, spotting the squat at powerlifting meets, spiders, and why Matt wears a hat when he lifts.


Matt, Niki, & Andrew answer your strength training questions.
  1. 1:23
    On the squat at powerlifting meets:  Why do they have several people spotting lifters at a meet as opposed to having a lifter squat in a power rack with safety arms?
  2. 4:22
    Questions on distal bicep tendon reattachment surgery & spiders:  What training recommendations would you have for long-term recovery?  What do you do if you see a spider during training?
  3. 10:04
    Questions on keeping the arms straight during the power clean.  When do they need to be straight?  When do they bend?  Are there tradeoffs?  What about bar crash?  How do you clean up a bad catch/rack position?
  4. 18:46
    How would one determine the impressiveness of a lift across reps–ie would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?
  5. 24:34
    Pavel & pressing a lot to press a lot.  Why doesn’t LP have greater pressing frequency, and what is “a lot?”
  6. 32:42
    Any tips, adjustments, or thoughts on hip flexor pain while squatting.
  7. 39:37
    How can you adjust or choose a different exercise if you have really short arms and don’t want pain…in a certain area?
  8. 44:11
    Why does Matt wear a hat when he lifts?

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