Looking To 2024: Can You Smell What BLOC Is Cooking?

Looking to 2024, we predict, hope, and share our thoughts on what you can expect from BLOC and what we are looking forward to.

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Looking to 2024 – Smell What BLOC is Cooking

Matt, Niki, and Andrew share their predictions and goals for 2024 – fitness, fashion, and more.

Fashion Predictions

  • Matt: traditional, classic forms of clothing (feminine dresses & masculine suits and outfits)
  • Niki: onesies & swapping of normal gender styles
  • Andrew: 2000s are coming back, with belly buttons


  • Matt shared his here
  • Niki: journaling every day; and being able to quickly return to the body she wants (after periods of more relaxed food & drink)
  • Andrew: being more present & intentional (while acknowledging that these terms have become common, but that doesn’t mean they’re not admirable things to strive for)

Business Predictions

  • Matt: First $2M quarter
  • Niki: strength for life catching on and bolstering BLOC & TKC
  • Andrew: another step-function increase in the organization of Barbell Logic

Looking to 2024? We share out thoughts, predictions, and hopes.




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