Strong Life with Zach Evan Esh Replay

This is a replay from Strong Life with Zach Evan Esh podcast where Matt & Zach discuss coaching, online coaching, & business.

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Strong Life with Zach Evan Esh Replay

Matt and Zach have interacted before, passing along business advice and Matt coaching Zach when he ran into some issues. Matt jumped on the Strong Life podcast to discuss why online coaching is better than in-person coaching.

For many gym owners, they feel tied to the gym, without the ability to leave and get paid. A hybrid model of online coaching and in-person coaching can help.

For example, instead of losing money during vacation periods or, even if you charge the same, not providing any value to your clients, gym owners can program for clients using TurnKey Coach. If desired, the coach could provide technique feedback on the application as well.

For many long-term clients, whose technique is perfect, moving to online coaching allows a more affordable option while still receiving technique coaching and programming.

TurnKey Coach is perfect for those coaches and personal trainers who are bad or not interested in business. Get your clients, coach your clients, let TurnKey Coach handle the backend that you don’t want to deal with.

Enjoy this Strong Life with Zach Evan Esh replay.




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