Uniquely Hard Efforts for Uniquely Successful Outcomes

You have to undergo uniquely hard efforts for uniquely successful outcomes. Expect (and demand) nothing less from yourself.

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Uniquely Hard, Uniquely Successful

If you set challenging goals, expect (and demand) hard efforts.

Alex Hormozi said on the Modern Wisdom podcast, the following:

When things get hard, this is where most people stop. And this is why they don’t win. And hard feels shitty. This is what hard feels like. And this is why most people can’t do it.

People who succeed work hard. And, guess what, in those rare circumstances and outliers you can think of, where everything falls into someone’s lap, they don’t value the wealth or whatever else they received. You don’t respect them either.

We look up to the Michael Jordans, the Larry Birds, the Rudys. We look up to those who put in the work, day in and day out, for weeks, months, and years.

Uniquely Hard: Walking Through the Valley of S#%&

What are you going to do TODAY to move you toward your goal. Do it – TODAY.

Don’t just listen to Alex Hormozi or Jocko or me. Do. Get in the arena. Take the first step.

Know that you’ll have some initial motivation and the honeymoon phase. Before it becomes a habit, you’ll want to quit. Don’t. Persist.

Walk through the valley of suckiness.

Accomplish something uniquely hard. Accept your circumstances and the outcomes, but put in the work.




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