Reliability Costs Nothing, Changes Everything

Reliability costs nothing but changes everything. Show up on time every time and say what you are going to do.

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Reliability Costs Nothing – Integrity over Time

Andrew Jackson shared his value equation a couple years ago, which includes ability, integrity, and benevolence.

Reliability is essentially integrity over time. Do you show up each time, on time, and do the thing you said you would do.

This costs no money. It takes time and effort. It means you will show up when you’re sick, tired, and for whatever reason do not feel like it.

Reliability Costs Nothing but Changes Everything

Reliability brings tons of value to those you interact with.

You likely have been in a situation, as a parent, supervisor, or friend, where you know whom you can rely on with a difficult task and whom you cannot.

As a manager, it is wonderful to know that you have an employee (or multiple employees) you can rely on to get the job done each time.

You can fake benevolence for a short period time. You can probably fake integrity for a short period of time. Over months and years, however, your character reveals whether you are reliable or not.

Decide to be reliable today. Consider if you are reliable. Think about how others (your spouse, friends, supervisor, etc.) perceive you. Would they say you’re one of the most reliable people they know? How can you become more reliable?

Reliability costs nothing but changes everything.





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