Coaching is Secondary. Business is 1st. How to Be An Owner

Coaching is secondary. Business is first. Learn how to be an owner, not just a technician or manager, for business success.

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Coaching is Secondary for Business Success

Consider this scenario.

Someone becomes an expert in creating a certain craft or providing a certain service.

Maybe this is butchery, baking, or candlestick making.

Because friends and family love what this person does, their friends and family encourage this person to become a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker and start his own business.

It fails.

Why does it fail? Because the technical aspect is secondary. Business is first.

If you decide to start your own business, you are a business owner, manager, and coach. Coaching is secondary to business success. You must spend time managing and owning the business.

Coaching is Secondary: How to Be an Owner

The E-Myth Revisited discusses the three different roles in a business: technician, manager, and owner.

When you start your business, you must do all three (unless you happen to be rich and can hire people from day one). You cannot delegate any tasks.

Over time, you can begin to delegate first the technician work and then the managerial work.

If this bothers you – if this sounds like the opposite of why you signed up – you may want to reconsider starting a business. You may want to see if you can work for someone else. That’s okay.

Why? Because coaching is secondary, being a manager and owner is primary for business success. Learn how to be an owner.




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