Online Coaching vs Online Programming – Coaching Success

Online coaching vs online programming – what’s the difference, why does it matter, and how can you begin actually coaching online?

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Online Coaching vs Online Programming – the Difference

Most “online coaching” is online programming. Regardless of the level of personalization – whether it be selling templates or making an individual program for a client – this is online programming.

We don’t program online, we coach online. You should too.

Online coaching includes technique coaching. Consistency and form matter far more than programming. Follow a mediocre program with good form, and you will progress.

Coaching online also builds a relationship. You get to know your clients and your clients to know you. At some point, the client has good technique and has some familiarity with programming and your past programs. The relationship, more than anything else, keeps clients for years.

Online Coaching vs Online Programming – the Importance

Why does this matter? For a couple reasons.

First, you provide your client more value with online coaching. This means, instead of placing the low price game selling dollar hamburgers, you’re selling a high-value, higher price service.

Second, consistency and form matter more than the program, so help people where they need it with technique feedback and by encouraging consistency.

Third, AI can deliver good programs already and in about a year anyone will be able to create their own programs using AI. While no one knows exactly what AI means for society and the economy, you need to become more resistant to AI by providing not simply programming but technique feedback and connection.

You care about your training more than anyone else in the client’s life. That’s a big deal.




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