Sustainable over Optimal – Beast over Burden

Sustainable over optimal – keep this in mind with your fitness, nutrition, and other self-improvement plans. Sustainability is more important than optimization.

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Sustainable over Optimal

Too much ink has been spilled over the perfect weightlifting program, best powerlifting programming, optimal bodybuilding program.

What most people find, with rare exception, is that the optimal program does not work with the realities of their life and goals.

They may, for awhile, grind away at these programs and hit PRs, but they find they’re spending less time with their families, they’re dreading their workouts, and when major life events pop up they don’t see how they can continue training.

Now, to be clear, if you find yourself in a situation where you can commit the time and effort needed to pursue optimal, and you enjoy this type of training, go for it.

Too many people see the time and effort required to train from those discussing optimal programs, and don’t realize how effective time-constrained programs can be. We come to sustainable over optimal.

Sustainability over Perfection

Life events often reveal one’s dislike for the sacrifices optimal training requires. For example, a new child, a move, a change in jobs – something like this can really illuminate that the current programming paradigm cannot be sustained.

Are you enjoying your training or nutrition? Can you still pursue other important goals, or have those moved to the wayside in the singular pursuit of PRs.

Sustainable over optimal programs means really identifying your available time and preferences. You choose ways to train that do not detract from your desired lifestyle.

You began training to improve quality of life – if training is tarnishing your desired lifestyle, it’s time for a change.

Pursue sustainable over optimal lifting, nutrition, and self-improvement approaches. This is the key to accomplishing your goals – all of them.




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