Barbell Academy: Advanced Concepts

Advanced Concepts is a series of courses that takes the foundational knowledge learned in the Principles Course (a prerequisite to Advanced Concepts) to a deeper level. While open and beneficial to anyone who wants to learn more, the courses included in Advanced Concepts are designed specifically to help the aspiring barbell strength coach excel in their profession and fully prepare them to impact lives through coaching.


With the purchase of Advanced Concepts you will immediately have access to the courses listed below as well as all future courses added to Advanced for no additional cost.

Anatomy: Upper Extremity

The upper extremity— hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder complex— are a complex, integrated system essential to the barbell lifts. Build on your knowledge of these systems, including the origins, insertions, and function of each muscle and how they interact to allow you to press incredible weight. This course will discuss common anatomical variation, injuries, and solutions in a way you can apply directly to the platform.

Anatomy: Lower Extremity

The lower extremity is made up of the largest and strongest muscles of the body, and virtually no big weights are going to move without them. This course will go deeper on the function, structure, and interaction of these muscles, joints, and connective tissues, exploring common injuries and their causes, to help you as the coach troubleshoot your lifter’s platform performance.

Post-Novice Programming

Apply MED and the BLOC Approach to HLM and 4-Day Split programs for a variety of lifter goals, including lifting competitions, conditioning for health, and training in support of sports and missions. Learn how to handle strength programming in tough spots: where the lifter lacks the equipment, time, or recovery to follow a “textbook” strength program.


Go further into the mechanics of the lifts with the implications of momentum, impulse, and forces in three dimensions. In this course you will explore the math behind the moment arm with videos, walkthroughs, and problem sets to help you deeply understand how the lifter-barbell system works and how to take that understanding to the platform.

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The Principles Course is a prerequisite for Advanced Concepts and both educational opportunities give you the knowledge needed to become a Professional Barbell Coach. The best value is to bundle all three items together and save big on your pathway to coaching!


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