Online Coaching is the Best Coaching for Coaches & Clients

Online coaching is the best coaching for coaches and clients. Coaches gain wider access to clients, more flexibility of time and location to coach, and more dollar-per-hour. Clients can access great coaches across the globe, train during travel or vacation when it works for them, and pay less than in-person coaching. Plus, online coaching builds consistency which leads to more gains.

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Online Coaching is Better for Coaches

Online coaching is the best coaching for coaches.

In-person coaching ties coaches to the tyranny of the schedule and the gym. This leads to long days, much of which may not be paid for but certainly counts in your calculus for quality of life.

You can travel – or even go on vacation – and coach. You can coach when it works for your schedule, asynchronously with your clients.

Online coaching enables you to gain clients from around the world – as long as you can communicate – which is especially great if you have a niche that you struggle to fill in your local area.

Lastly – but not least importantly – you can provide more value to your clients in less time earning more dollar-per hour. Really – in less time than you spent with in-person clients you can make far more per hour, where and when you want to coach, with clients better suited toward your particular strengths.

Online Coaching is Better for Clients

Online coaching is the best coaching for clients.

Clients can finally find the coaches they want – great coaches – not simply the coaches in the local gyms. Whether it’s your preferences or certain challenges most coaches cannot address, you can find a coach that can help you.

Lifters pay less monthly than they do for in-person coaching. It costs more money to meet someone for an hour multiple times a week at the same time and place. With asynchronous coaching, you pay less, and still get programming and technique feedback.

Lastly, you can still train if you’re on vacation or travel for business. This leads to consistency, and consistency leads to more gains (define gains how you want – we mean you move closer to your goal or crush your goal sooner and set new goals).

Online coaching is the best coaching for lifters and coaches.




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