How to Structure Holiday Promotions

Learn how to structure holiday promotions, from timing (Black Friday, pre-Christmas, and post-New Year’s), types of incentives and discounts you might offer, and the cyclical nature of the fitness business.

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How to Structure Holiday Promotions: Black Friday & Pre-Christmas

The lead up to Thanksgiving and Christmas is a time people spend more money. Because you believe in your product or service, and in the case of fitness your service is clearly helping improve your clients’ quality of life, it is better they spend money on your service than something they don’t truly need.

This is a great time to offer things such as annual subscriptions, gift subscriptions or gift cards, and limited-time or urgent sign-ups (e.g. 5 spots at a reduced rate).

People are looking to spend money and give gifts, so encourage them to spend money on physical fitness and quality of life.

Also, avoid those times you’ll likely be drowned out. You should likely have your promotions ready early the week of Thanksgiving. Pre-Christmas sales need to be out after Thanksgiving. Black Friday, and that entire weekend of American Thanksgiving, is a weekend where your ads will be drowned out and your potential clients will be inundated with offers. Deliver your promotions (ideally) before or (less ideally) after that.

You will see sales dry up around a week before Christmas. This calls for a change in strategy.

How to Structure Holiday Promotions: Post-Christmas and New Years’

People tend to find themselves less fit and having gained weight after New Years’, but they tend to have less money to spend. Now is the time to make signing up as frictionless and painless as possible.

You might consider offering the first month free or some other type of free opportunity where you can deliver value and have them see how their life could be better with your service.

This is also a great time for referrals, as clients can secure free or reduced coaching as they bring their friends or family to enjoy what they have enjoyed and found value in.

Another time people are more fitness-minded is mid-to-late-Spring, when people begin to think about wearing swim suits and how they’ll look with the less clothes people tend to wear in the summer.

How to structure holiday promotions? Consider the timing, what people are looking for, and likely hurdles.




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