Applying MED to Coaching Beyond Programming

We discuss applying MED to coaching beyond programming. MED principles underlie an effective, successful approach to online coaching.

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Applying MED to Coaching Beyond Programming (Some Principles)

Matt and Scott developed the principles of MED programming, which approached programming by keeping as many variables constant as possible. Change as little as possible.

This does not mean easy. Simple and hard is wildly ineffective.

The approach focuses on intelligent resource allocation. For example, if you can get stronger and add muscle with 1×5 deadlift, why do 3×5 or 5×5?

Keep things simple. Don’t do complexity for complexity’s sake.

Applying MED to Coaching Beyond Programming – An Approach

Toward this approach, Matt has revised the 3 principles of MED for coaching.

  • simplicity over complexity
  • economy over excess
  • effort over easy

The approach needs to be client-focused. It needs to be personal and flexible, simple and frictionless.

The Barbell Logic & TKC approach values clients’ and coaches’ time and money.

This system is flexible in 3 ways:

  • does not force client into inflexible schedule
  • does not force client into one location
  • does not force client into limited equipment

The fitness industry needs to be reformed. We aim to do that, one coach and client at a time.

Applying MED to coaching beyond programming. It’s simple, hard, but effective.




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