PRs Measure Progress Toward Your Clients’ Goals – PRs Matter

PRs measure progress toward your clients’ goals – so you need to track & celebrate your clients’ PRs, because PRs matter.

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PRs Measure Progress Toward Your Clients’ Goals

PRs matter.

Consistency underlies success. PRs pave the road to your clients accomplishing their goals.


They provide dopamine hits that encourage continued work toward building habits that move lifters toward their goals.

Early on, PRs tend to be easy – easy to track, celebrate, and establish.

The lifter’s squat increases, the athlete can do more push-ups, the runner can run their mile faster, or the client’s waist has shrunk.

Over time, establishing PRs becomes more difficult, as the PRs are not so clear.

Ensure PRs Connect to Your Clients’ Goals

PRs measure progress toward your clients’ goals.

Your clients’ goals change over time, so you must ensure the PRs you’re tracking and celebrating actually matter to your client.

If you continue to push the client’s deadlift 1RM, but she wants to lose weight, you’re missing the point.

PRs may track:

  • consistency
  • healthy habits (sleep, water, steps)
  • nutrition (macros, protein, drinks of alcohol, number of meals prepped)
  • strength (different rep maxes, tonnage, PRs for different lifts)
  • hypertrophy (leanness, size of muscles)

You should know your clients’ goals. PRs measure progress toward your clients’ goals, so you should know your clients’ PRs that matter and help assess movement toward their goals.




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