Take a Sabbath!

Take a sabbath. Take a day of rest, where you refresh. This doesn’t necessarily mean you do nothing, but you rest and recharge.

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Take a Sabbath! Rest, Recharge, Refresh

If you are like Matt, someone who works long days, enjoys work, and can tend to overdo work and grind yourself away, you need to take a day off.

This does not necessarily mean you do nothing. If your job involves mental work, you might do some manual labor and turn off your phone. If you read, you might read fiction.

If your job primarily involves manual labor, you might enjoy boardgames, intellectual reading, or other more intellectual pursuits.

Similar to how a change in training can help you enjoy training more, a major change to activity can help you recharge.

Get outside. Go for a hike. Spend time with family or friends. Slow down. Turn off your phone. Pursue the truly important, not urgent.

Take a sabbath.




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