When One Teaches Two Learn

When one teaches two learn. Matt shares his teaching approach – from interest to refined speech or presentation. Teaching and coaching with pressure are critical to mastering anything.

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When One Teach Two Learn: Importance of Teaching

In order to become an expert coach, or to master any subject, you have to coach, or teach, when it matters.

You may have found at some point that you had read or consumed a lot of material on a subject. When you tried to explain it to someone else, the apparent coherent thoughts were not there.

Technique coaching in person is important to mastering technique coaching (you can simulate that, to some degree, online). This goes for teaching as well.

Taking your ideas and trying to turn them into an article, podcast, or speech helps the knowledge not only deepen but also cohere. Many times, you have unordered ideas in your head – you need to order them.

When One Teach Two Learn: Matt’s Teaching Process

Matt has a process he has followed to go from interest to refined speech, presentation, sermon, etc.

  1. Dive deep into a topic of interest
  2. Organize major thoughts
  3. Speak it or write it

Before the first action, you have to find something that interests you. It could come from a book, podcast, YouTube channel, thoughts – whatever. Something peaks your interest and you want to learn more.

Matt starts at a general place, such as Wikipedia, and goes from there. Look to the sources from those initial places, dig deeper, and learn as much as you can. As you do so, take notes.

As you take notes, you’ll start to see certain patterns and major points or thoughts. Consider these major bullet points and how they related to each other. Try to put them in a coherent order.

Next, speak it (or write it) and share with someone else. For example, if you have to talk in front of a group of 20, first talk to your spouse or a friend. This rehearsal helps you better organize your thoughts and refine your speech. It is, however, a critical step.

When one teach two learn. Go learn (and teach).




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