#347 – When It’s Fun to Chase Numbers

Why chase numbers?  And what do you do if you want to prioritize PRs?  Here Niki & Matt discuss how to adjust your training to maximally increase your strength.


Chasing Numbers in Your Strength Training?

Strength makes us healthier and more capable.  The process of getting stronger refines us.  Sometimes, though, it’s fun and motivating to just chase numbers.  If you’re hungry to hit some PRs, listen on.

When we chase numbers, we’re prioritizing strength.  To truly prioritize big PRs, we have to adjust our life to support training.  We may have to dedicate more time to training.  We have to ensure we maximize recovery, through increasing calories and getting plenty of high-quality sleep.  We may have to decrease unproductive activities, such as excessive alcohol consumption (or plan training around these events so they do not harm our training and training is productive).  We also have to bring increased focus to training, as intensity will go up.

Chasing numbers is not something that lifters should always do, but it’s probably something lifters should do from time to time.  Chasing numbers helps focus and enliven training, whereas training for health indefinitely with no shorter, more exciting goals may grow old.  Similarly, however, chasing numbers for long periods can wear on people, as both the physical and mental stress of prioritizing training to this degree can stop motivating people to train.
For many people, the holiday season is the perfect time to chase numbers.  People tend to naturally consume more calories during this period.  As it gets colder and we wear more clothes, we’re less concerned if about how we may look on the beach in our swim suits.  Furthermore, peaking around December and January affords people enough time to adjust training and cut before spring or summer vacations and less clothing of the warmer months.




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