Know Who You Are

Know who you are & take advantage of the holiday season to pause, reflect, and write down your core values and mission statement.

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Know Who You Are

You don’t need to have a mission statement, business plan, or core values to begin coaching or even start a business. Get customers now.

As your business grows, you should sit down and knock these out. And there really is no better time to complete these then over the holiday season, when work tends to lesson and you look back on this past year and forward to the next year.

Spend a few days creating these. Once you have a draft, step away and think on them. You might show them to someone else you trust.

Below, we give some example that Barbell Logic has created. They may be a good starting point for you.

Know Who You Are

If you’re going to spend some time knowing and defining who you are this holiday season, the below may help you as starting point or reference point for comparison.

Barbell Logic is redefining traditional personal training by delivering a superior experience of professional coaching through your smartphone to anyone, anywhere, any time, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional personal training.

Our Mission

We are professional strength & nutrition coaches giving the world access to personal coaching, educational resources, and opportunities to help other improve their quality of live through strength.

Core Tenets
Tenets are the underlying principles and beliefs that make us who we are.

  1. Serve our clients & staff
  2. Grow our company
  3. Teach the community
  4. Steward our resources

Our Vision
We create connections for the world to experience a life improved by strength.

Core Values
Growth: As individuals and as a company, we believe in growth through setting goals, tracking progress, and demonstrating success.

Connection: Coaching is a window into people’s lives. We value authentic interactions and real relationships with everyone who trusts us enough to open it.

Consistency: Trust and consistency are the hart of our professionalism. Every interaction is an opportunity to build trust, and we hold ourselves accountable to the expectations we set.

Know who you are.




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