Hypertrophy: Life After 5s – Beast over Burden

Hypertrophy: life after 5s.

Is it real? Can we really pursue muscle growth over weight on the bar. How does programming change? Why do people make this shift? Will you have to change your wardrobe?

Andrew & Niki answer these and many more questions.

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Hypertrophy: Life After 5s

For many, after some time (often a couple years) of pursuing strength above all other adaptations, grinding away on heavy weights in the 1-5 rep range, the sweet call of hypertrophy whispers softly on the wind: “hypertrophy, hypertrophy.”

Do you answer the call?

Yes, yes you do.

Pursuing muscle growth is a reprioritization in training, that still follows the basic idea of simple, hard, effective.

It means more sets close to failure, and a greater amount of stress from accessory lifts (and maybe…gasp…machines).

Hypertrophy: life after 5s…it can mean a new wardrobe, more food, different rep ranges, different exercises.

Learn more, and come learn the way of the beefcake.




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