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John Petrizzo, DPT and SSC joined Matt and Scott at the Barbell Logic table at StrengthCon 2018 to talk about his strength journey which ultimately lead him to a clinical practice as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. John found Starting Strength at the very beginning, having ordered a copy of Bill Starr’s The Strongest Shall Survive out of the back of Ironman Magazine as a young football player. A few years later, after walking on as a college football player, he found the first edition of Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training on the fledging Asgaard website. After deciding to enter the field of physical therapy and training clients, John sought certification as a Starting Strength Coach.


Today John continues to practice and train lifters at Excel Physical Therapy in Long Island, which combines physical therapy with state of the art strength training facilities. He is also a full-time professor at Adelphi University in the Exercise Physiology department. If that wasn’t enough, John also contributes to the Starting Strength community with articles and videos, as well as reviewing scientific literature as part of the scientific committee.


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