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Last weekend, April 6-8th of 2018, Matt and Scott setup a Barbell Logic table at the inaugural StrengthCon in Wichita Falls, TX and started recording. Brett McKay of Art of Manlinessfame, who first appeared on the podcast in Episode 14, sat down with the boys to catch up on the state of manliness in 2018.


Brett gives us a download on his keynote speech for StrengthCon, drawing parallels between the early fascination with physical culture in America and the role of strength today in personal development. A world living in malaise, rising suicide rates, drastic increases in narcotic use… these descriptors were as applicable to turn of the century America as they are to today. The early lifters from that era understood that lifting heavy things helped them stay grounded in uncertain times, and those lessons still hold true today.


If you haven’t checked out Brett’s website Art of Manliness, it is stuffed with excellent content on all aspects of manliness and culture, so there’s likely something for you. Brett also runs an AoM podcast with fantastic interviews – he’s a gifted interviewer and is a few hundred episodes deep now.


Whiskey of the Week

Diet Dr. Pepper 2018 – a little hot with the aspartame content, we recommend water with this one.


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