Stress, Recovery and Adaptation is the overarching concept discovered by Hans Selye that we use when creating ALL barbell and strength programming.  We use the barbell and our program to apply stress that the trainee then can recover from, resulting in a beneficial adaptation.   We can adapt to the stress of moving heavy weights in the same way we adapt to exposure to bright sunlight, we adapt.

In linear progression we apply a stress, recover a day, then express our adaptation and apply a new stress.  When a trainee begins to have trouble recovering and is facing becoming an intermediate, we have to use the principles in the stress, recovery, adaptation cycle to continue to improve strength.

Reynolds and Hambrick the nuance of the stress recovery adaptation cycle and how we apply it to training and programming.

Whiskey of the Week: Smooth Ambler “Old Scout”

  • Bourbon
  • 10 year old
  • single barrel


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