Staci Rudnitsky

BLOC Staff Coach •

Staci has been a Starting Strength Coach since 2012, working with people from all walks of life to help them to create their best selves. She spent most of her youth and early adulthood as someone who “exercised”, chasing after the elusive goal of being “fit”. The journey took her from the cardio deck to ultramarathons, and then to CrossFit, where she was introduced to Mark Rippetoe and, ultimately, Starting Strength.

She currently competes as a Masters lifter in raw powerlifting, and as a Master holds NYS records in the Squat and Bench Press across several federations.

She loves working with novice and intermediate lifters, and is eagerly looking forward to the day she can teach the lifts to her little munchkin, Abigail (she’s been slowly converting her husband, Bill – it’s a work in progress).

In-person coaching:

New City, NY


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