Noah is passionate about finding opportunities in life for growth. He loves working with all ages but specializes in helping people over 40 enjoy life more, manage pain more successfully, regain independence, feel confident in their appearance, and discover new frontiers in their physical abilities.

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Noah is a strength coach based out of Manchester, Michigan. He interned under Dr. Jonathon Sullivan for two years before earning his PBC credential. He is a Staff Editor with Barbell Logic and coaches clients in person at Greysteel Strength & Conditioning in Farmington Hills.

His father being a competitive powerlifter in the 1970s, Noah grew up with barbells in the home. His interests shifted to martial arts and running early on (unfortunately), but after struggling with chronic back/leg pain for several years as an adult, he re-discovered barbell training as a transformative pain management tool. Sharing the many benefits of strength training with clients, ranging from teenage athletes and “average” working adults to masters in their 70s and 80s, has been some of the most rewarding work of his life.

Noah had a successful career in labor relations and industrial electricity, which he left to pursue coaching full-time. As a naturally curious person, he has a varied background and many interests, including engineering, music, philosophy, woodworking, anthropology, and writing.


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