Randy has been in the fitness industry for 22 years, coaching clients from all over the world both in-person and online. Prior to that, he served in the United States Air Force as a firefighter, then as a Special Agent investigator with the Office of Special Investigations. Both jobs required that he stay in top physical condition to handle challenging situations. He had been training consistently since the late 1970’s, so staying in top physical condition was not a problem for him. In 1997, he left military service and started a personal training business. At first, he focused on endurance athletes since he had experience as a triathlete, and runner. He had always included strength training as part of the program, but over time he became more interested in strength as a foundation for all other physical endeavors. He sought personal guidance from many in the field of barbell sports, such as Jim Schmitz, Joe Dube, Mike Burgener, Tim Swords, Jim Steel and Mark Rippetoe. In 2012, he became a certified Starting Strength coach, taught at various seminars and coached hundreds of people in the barbell lifts. In 2016, Randy moved to online coaching with Matt Reynolds and what is now Barbell Logic. Currently, he is the Athletic Director and Head Track & Field coach at a private school in the Houston area, where he has gone undefeated since 2015. He also coaches in person strength training at his well-equipped home gym.

Randy has an extensive background in many areas of life, including undercover narcotics work, espionage investigations, protective service operations, firefighting, coaching and teaching. He also experienced different cultures by living places such as Italy, Greece, and Spain. This has given him an understanding of training in unfamiliar environments and situations and the ability to adapt.

Now he enjoys being a teacher and using his experiences to help people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles achieve their physical fitness goals. Although the basic training variables are frequency, volume and intensity, his underlying motto is, “Life is the forgotten 4th variable that ultimately dictates training.” Consequently, Randy understands how life can impact training and has adapted his training accordingly. He trains as often as possible and at the age of 57 he can still run, cycle, swim, jump, squat and deadlift over 400 lbs, and press 75% of his bodyweight for reps. If you want a coach that can help you become strong regardless of your life’s demands, Randy has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.

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