Jordan Stanton

BLOC Exclusive Coach •

Jordan Stanton, owner of Stanton Strength and Next Level Barbell Studio, entered the world of strength coaching after having the pleasure of training alongside and being exposed to some of the strongest strength athletes in the nation. He has coached two APA world champions, three IPF world champions, and the two time Starting Strength Fall Classic female champion, all with innumerable state, national, and world records. Jordan began his strength journey with Starting Strength and continues to use its principles to the betterment of his clients.

After receiving his BSN degree from the University of Portland in 2009, Jordan has been a practicing intensive care nurse. He uses his extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medicine to the benefit of his clients.

Jordan has been involved in competitive basketball, football, bowling, triathlon, strongman, and powerlifting. Currently Jordan is a powerlifter with a 700lb squat, 475lb bench press, 675lb deadlift and a 260lb press.

Jordan, when not moving iron, can often be found on the jiu jitsu mats, the rock wall, and the local swimming pool. He enjoys hiking the great wilderness of the Pacific Northwest and is a self proclaimed video game nerd.

In-person coaching:

Next Level Barbell
16660 SE Mcloughlin Blvd
Oak Grove, OR 97267


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