Cameron Cox delivers southern fried feedback for every client. Like Papa’s secret biscuit recipe, Cameron’s coaching satisfies all generations of lifters with simple, tried and true methods. For best results, enjoy each workout review with a glass of sweet iced tea.

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  • Specializes in helping beginners start their barbell journey.

  • Guides experienced lifters past their plateaus and onto PR’s.

  • Creates solutions for lifters with injuries and limitations to achieve their strength goals.

  • Nutrition Coaching for all goals. Focuses on building lifestyle habits and skills to create a framework for success without traditional dieting.

The great state of North Carolina has brought you NASCAR, Bojangles’, and now, Professional Barbell Coach, Cameron Cox. Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cameron and his family now reside in Charleston, South Carolina.

Cameron graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and moved to Charleston to cook in fine-dining restaurants. After years of cooking, Cameron switched careers and began personal training.

Natural southern charm and a strong hospitality background are Cameron’s trademarks. With the right balance of understanding and encouragement, Cameron coaches clients of all experience levels. Whether still shopping for your home-gym, getting ready for your next powerlifting meet, or looking for direction after years in the gym, Cameron has the experience to help.

Cameron owns and operates Cox Barbell Club in Charleston, SC. Cox Barbell is a private gym offering in-person personal training. Lifters meet in-person and are emailed daily custom workouts.

Cameron is the owner and founder of Cox Sauce BBQ Sauce. Cox Sauce is a sweet and tangy Carolina red BBQ sauce bottled in Charlotte, NC. Cox Sauce is a new product from an old family recipe. Cox Sauce can be purchased in stores or online at



$305/month, contract-free


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