Currently located in Bangkok, Thailand, Jamal coaches a broad range of people—from kids to people in their eighties and professional endurance athletes. As a former very underweight and geeky person, he knows how to help you get stronger and level up your confidence.

If you want to learn the basic barbell lifts and get the latest video game recommendations, he’s your guy.

Learn More About Jamal

    • Getting stronger and adding 20 kg of bodyweight improved his physical health as much as his mental health and overall confidence.

    • Specializes in helping beginners change their habits and start their journey of strength training.

    • He went to Thailand to practice Thai Boxing for a few months but ended up staying there and fighting 16 professional Muay Thai fights.

    • He spends his free time reading Tolkien books, playing video games, and practicing public speaking as a Toastmaster.

Jamal is originally from Switzerland but ended up living in Thailand to practice and fight Thai Boxing for a few years. Being very underweight, struggling with confidence, and frequently getting sick and injured led him to lifting weights.

Getting stronger and more resilient and adding 20 kg of bodyweight massively improved his health and overall well-being. He also believes that the mental health benefits of resistance training and getting strong are as important as the physical benefits.

He currently coaches out of a small boutique gym in Bangkok and has broad experience in teaching people how to lift weights. From 12-year-old athletic kids to 80-year-olds suffering from Parkinson’s to Thai national team cyclists.

Outside of the gym, Jamal’s main interests center around geeky activities such as playing video games and board games or reading books about the lord of the rings and philosophy. He also runs workplace fitness workshops and was an active Toastmaster, competing in regional public speaking competitions.

In-person coaching:

BASE Bangkok, Thailand



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