Eddie lives in the western US with his basecamp in Grand Junction, CO. He helps badass people do bad ass things.

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  • Started training in his mid-40’s and knows how being out of shape and middle-aged feels.

  • Eddie is part of the GORUCK Tribe community and Vegas Strong ruck club. He trains people for rucking events and participates in them.

  • He also works with many clients using strength training to enhance their endurance activities.

  • Thinks Comfort Crisis, Atomic Habits, and Can’t Hurt Me should be required reading.

  • The main point is this: do hard things, and the rest of life gets easier, and you appreciate it more.

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Eddie fell in love with coaching after experiencing life-changing results as a long-term client of BLOC. Now he works with people who want to upgrade their weak, fragile frame into a rugged, unstoppable combat chassis. His focus is to transform your physical capabilities and promote a change in mindset—to challenge you and push you further than you ever thought possible—and to transition from seeking comfort to seeking pain (growth) through consistent, incremental increases in stress and engaging in type 2 fun, preferably with other like-minded individuals.

His purpose is to position you to live a self-sufficient life on your terms. To make it a life of daring adventure, loving those who love you, and fulfilling your purpose while living each day as if it were your last.

Eddie is a coach who has been too weak, too busy, underweight, and overweight. He trains people with barbells, conditioning equipment, and rucking. If you’re too fat or skinny, Eddie also does nutrition coaching. He is here to help you, inspire you, and lead you to a more fulfilling journey in the second half of life. Become more resilient, confident, and physically capable by joining him in living a kick-ass life as one of the strong.

You can follow Eddies’ training, activities, and content that inspires him on Instagram and Facebook.

He is a staff coach with Barbell Logic and holds the Precision Nutrition Level 2 coaching certification. He participates in GORUCK events, hikes mountains, enjoys paddle boarding, whiskey, and living the dream with his wonderful wife.



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