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Eddie Kuehne

BLOC Staff Coach, PBC •

Eddie grew up familiar with a hard day’s work on the farmlands of Montana. His first five years after high school were spent serving in the Army and National Guard. Eddie continued his education, earning a master’s degree in Exercise Science while working as a certified athletic trainer at the University of Arizona.

Soon after, the corporate world called and providing for his family, Eddie stepped into that never-ending work day behind a desk. Aging, lack of activity and a poor diet snuck up on him, producing a typical “dad bod” and an unfortunate self-loathing. The years behind a desk led to back and shoulder pain, atrophied muscles and a hefty cushion of chub! Eddie understands how it feels to look in the mirror and wonder, “what the hell happened?”

A concerted effort was poured into to boot camps, obstacle course races and crossfit workouts, but this didn’t produce the results expected. Eddie took stock, then went back to the basics. Focusing on nutrition and strength training produced incredible, real results while igniting the passion he has for fitness!

This inspired his mission to coach and train others; helping each person embrace their capacity for strength, develop healthy habits and live a life that is consistently improving.

Eddie is a Professional Barbell Coach and holds the Precision Nutrition Level 2 coaching certification. He currently trains clients in a small group setting out of his well-equipped garage studio.

Eddie often uses the quotes “embrace the suck” and “voluntary hardship” when describing his hobbies of GORUCK training and events, the annual Bataan Memorial Death March and of course rucking for beer and tacos in downtown Las Vegas!

In-person coaching:

Black Mountain Strength
Henderson, NV


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