Eddie Kuehne

BLOC Staff Coach, PBC • ekuehne@barbell-logic.com

Eddie is a Professional Barbell Coach and holds the Precision Nutrition Level 2 coaching certification. He participates in GORUCK events, hikes mountains, and enjoys paddle boarding. He currently trains in-person clients in a small group setting out of his well-equipped garage studio.

Here is Eddies’ “why” when it comes to coaching:

Eddie saw positive changes once he started Barbell training (emphasis on “training”). Since the age of 13, he played around with weights and many other fitness activities, but it never made much of a difference until he found Starting Strength and hired Matt Reynolds to be his coach. At the age of 46, he began legitimate training. Now at the age of 52, he is the strongest he has ever been and continues to hit new PR’s every year. In this new journey of strength, he shares that he has become more resilient, more confident, more disciplined, and more physically capable.

Eddie says, “I’m a better person than I was six years ago. Happier, healthier, with inspiring friends and a better perspective on life.”

Eddie understands the frustration and confusion middle-aged people experience when trying to get in shape–in fact, he has seen this tension in his own life. To others facing this challenge, he emphasizes that there is still hope.  He believes that if you’re looking to make a change or stay on the path to a stronger, healthier, happier you, start with a barbell. Build a foundation that will support all of your fitness goals.

Eddie finds purpose in sharing the lessons he has learned with as many people as he can—specifically you.  If you’re looking for a coach who walks the talk, Eddie is here to help you, inspire you, and lead you to a more fulfilling journey in the second half of life.  Join him as he plans on living a full, balls-out, kick-ass life.

You can follow Eddies’ training, activities where he utilizes strength, and content that inspires him on Instagram and Facebook.

PR’s as of Mar 2021 – Squat 450, Press 190, Deadlift 500, Bench 335

In-person coaching:

Black Mountain Strength
Henderson, NV


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