It is amazing how many people have a similar story to me: finding themselves in their mid-twenties, skinny-fat and chronically sore. My back ached all day, I had a sedentary job that made it worse and any form of dieting or exercise did not slow the weight gain, the cycle went on and on.

A doctor’s visit declared my spine ‘unsuitable for any form of exercise’ and that I would soon be eligible for disability benefits. This started a 6-month search that ended in finding Starting Strength; a discovery that changed my life for the better. I bought and studied the book and applied the content. Within months, my back started to heal, the weight dropped, and slowly came back up – with muscle this time.

I believe that strength is the most important attribute and that the Starting Strength method is the best way to acquire it. I believe that in the same way we put money away in our superannuation and savings for times of trouble and retirement we need to put away both bone and muscle tissue for times of trouble and the inevitable reality of aging.

I believe that the act of acquiring strength builds character and humility; you learn how to push yourself, you purposefully seek out the challenge of a weight that feels like it could crush you and tackle it head on.

I owe a lot to Starting Strength and am honoured to be able to teach its methods to others.

I run the Australian Barbell Clinic out of Adelaide, South Australia and have been married to my beautiful wife Nicole for 8 years.

In-person coaching:

Australian Barbell Clinic
5158, Trott Park
South Australia

$235/month, contract-free


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