From Westminster, MD, Ben delivers high-quality coaching a short drive from the nation’s capital as well as online. Providing both strength and nutrition coaching, Ben can help you get stronger, leaner, and better prepared for the demands of life and physical performance.

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  • Helps beginners learn the ropes at their own pace

  • Guides more experienced lifters to greater heights

  • Balances training with busy schedules and time constraints

  • Focuses on building habits to improve nutrition

  • Loves doing Jiu-Jitsu

Ben started his journey into physical culture in 2006 with martial arts and bodyweight exercise. Soon after, he learned about the importance of nutrition and pursued a BS in Nutrition Science. He started training with barbells in 2014 and began coaching others in 2016. He would go on to earn the Professional Barbell Coach and Precision Nutrition L1 certifications.

Coaching out of Westminster Strength and Conditioning in Westminster, MD, Ben has worked with trainees of all ages ranging from youth athletes to many athletes of aging. He has helped many people work around and with movement limitations and challenges and find a program that will work for them.

From his concurrent training with barbells and in jiu-jitsu, as well as from his experience in coaching other multi-sport athletes, Ben has become adept at balancing the demands of life and sport with strength training. As a family man, he also understands through experience how difficult it can be to fit training into a busy work and family schedule.


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