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Specializing in strength for BJJ, Ben provides elite-level coaching from the perspective of a masters athlete and BJJ coach. His approach to training will help you move better and stay on the mats longer. Ben can also help you achieve your body composition goals with expert nutrition coaching. As a father of two, he also understands how to balance the demands of family, work, and training to be able to engage in all of them meaningfully.

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In 2006 Ben started studying martial arts and it would be the catalyst for a never-ending pursuit of both fitness and knowledge. He tried many different methods of exercise including running, calisthenics, circuit training, and more. He started to pursue knowledge of nutrition at this time as well, earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nutrition Science. During this time, Ben was teaching at a local martial arts school, but felt he could be doing more to help people improve their fitness and health.

In 2014, he left the martial arts industry to pursue life as a father. It was during this time that he discovered the efficiency and efficacy of barbells. Getting as much fitness out of as little time as possible was top priority. It was soon apparent that when it came time for Ben to rejoin the workforce, it would be as a barbell coach. In 2016, he began as an intern at a local Starting Strength barbell gym, and studied rigorously. In 2018, he joined Barbell Logic, and in 2019, he earned his Starting Strength Coach certification. He later went on to earn his Professional Barbell Coach (PBC) and Precision Nutrition L1 certifications.

In 2020, he returned to his pursuit of martial arts through the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This led him to pursue strength training more as a means to stay uninjured and to be more effective on the mat, rather than to just put up bigger numbers. This has become his niche in the coaching of his BJJ teammates and others. Earning his purple belt in 2023 and starting to teach adult classes at his academy has provided him greater insight and experience in managing the rigors of life and training. Now he helps others navigate this challenging path.

Ben’s Approach to Training:

Ben believes in balancing strength training with mobility work to help people move more efficiently on the mats and to keep doing so for longer. Of course, skill work needs to be taken into account as well and everyone has different needs and capacities. Ben is adept at helping people find a combination of lifting sessions and BJJ sessions that will help them pursue both endeavors more effectively.


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