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Nervous about barbell training? Don’t be! Whether you’re 22 or 82 years old, Brooke will have you feeling like a strong, confident lifter in no time. Her laid-back coaching style will put you at ease under the bar, and her collaborative approach to programming means your training will always be tailored to meet your needs, no matter how non-traditional they may be.

Learn More About Brooke

  • Specializes in coaching beginners of all athletic backgrounds, with a soft spot for the awkward and uncoordinated

  • Experienced coach for masters athletes (age 40+); staff coach at Barbell Prescription Clinics

  • Passionate about coaching lifters with psychological disorders

Growing up in Michigan, Brooke was not the athletic type. While she dabbled in sports, her athletic skills and personal interest in them were relatively low compared to her love for playing the glockenspiel and baking chocolate chip cookies. As fate would have it, she was introduced to strength training in college. It was in that small black iron gym that she saw how strength could be a powerful tool for improving lives, not just physically but mentally as well. Armed with this knowledge and a passion for helping others, she deviated from her corporate aspirations to become a barbell coach.

One of Brooke’s favorite parts of being a coach is adapting training to meet the individual needs of each lifter she trains. She places a high importance on overall quality of life, which can mean pursuing higher weights through traditional strength training methods or experimenting with alternative programming strategies while still having that strength foundation. Her flexibility has made her a great fit for busy working parents, individuals with psychological disorders like depression and anxiety, and retirees who are looking to have fun, stay healthy, and keep up with their grandkids.

Brooke traded the snow for sunshine when she moved to Texas in 2019, where she lives with her fiancé and chinchilla. While she is a predominantly online coach, she is available for private coaching sessions in San Marcos, Texas, and can be found coaching at Greysteel Strength & Conditioning when she visits family in Michigan.

Outside the gym, Brooke is a fiber arts fanatic. In her free time, she enjoys sewing, quilting, crocheting, and dabbling in embroidery. She would say her superpower is sneaking fabric and yarn into the house without her fiancé noticing. (Most of the time, anyway!)


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