Whether your goals are to get as strong as possible, improve body composition, or supplement strength with another sport, Hari can provide you with expert guidance and help you reach your goals. Hari walks the talk through his training. He has trained both to gain and loose weight, recently losing 50lbs while maintaining his strength. His personal best lifts are 555 Squat, 310 Press, 635 Deadlift, and a 410 Bench Press. With several Strengthlifting & Powerlifting competitions under his belt, he is now training to balance strength, endurance, and body composition as optimal as possible to increase his performance in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As one of the few international coaches at Barbell Logic –and the only one from Latin America– Hari has a lot of experience coaching people from all over the world.

Learn More About Hari

  • “Strength for everyone” is Hari’s motto in his private facility in Mexico, where he coaches people from all realms of life. Whether you’re an athlete or have never touched a barbell before in your life, he will be a great leader in guiding you during this very important process of gaining strength.

  • Personalized programming according to your goals and unique capabilities.

  • Predicts the future (just kidding), but he’s really good at anticipating a trainee’s psychology and physical state to modify his client’s programming on time, so that training always feels as smooth and fun as possible.

Hari Fafutis is the founder and coach of Tavros Fuerza y Acondiconamiento, the first gym that specializes in weight training in Mexico. Hari holds a Bachelor of Science with a specialty degree in Industrial Engineering from the Universidad Panamericana in Mexico.

Since very young, he started experimenting with different exercise modalities in order to improve his health and strength. In 2014, he started training for strength rigorously. The training process eventually expanded into teaching and coaching other people until he quit his previous job as an engineer/operations manager to do strength coaching full-time. Hari has earned different prestigious strength coaching certifications, making him the first and, as of now, the only professional strength coach in Latin America. Recently, he started to participate competitively in strength sports.

In-person coaching:

Tavros Fuerza Y Acondicionamiento
Paseo Lomas Altas 292B Interior 26 Colonia Lomas Del Valle 45129
Zapopan Jalisco Mexico



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