North of the wall, in the twilight of the 1970s, a glacier spewed forth another Canadian. Born and raised in the wilds of western Canada, Jeremy grew up on snow, ice, and maple syrup. Several decades later, he ventured south on a quest for adventure, food, and the pursuit of strength! A seeker of knowledge, Jeremy is always working to improve so that he can better serve his clients. Practical, patient, and kind, Jeremy’s mission is to help you find the right approach to getting stronger, performing better, and living a more resilient and empowered life. Do you know how strong you are? Let’s find out!

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  • Jeremy takes the time to get to know his clients—their goals, challenges, and strengths—and tailors his approach to each individual. He’ll meet you where you are rather than trying to fit you into a box

  • He guides clients to success with encouragement, education, constructive criticism, and practical advice, with a healthy dose of humor thrown in for good measure

  • He enjoys the challenge of problem-solving, whether that’s figuring out how to work around injuries and other limitations, finding a training schedule that fits your life, or dialing in your nutrition for the beach or your next big race

  • Jeremy has experience guiding beginners through the process of getting stronger, taking injured lifters through the process of training around their injuries to return to baseline performance, and helping experienced lifters break through plateaus

  • He excels at developing nutritional strategies to help clients improve their relationship with food, so they can look, feel, and perform better

Jeremy is a professional barbell coach and the owner/operator of Toolshed Training in Portland, Oregon. From 2017–2020, he trained and coached at Next Level Barbell under the watchful eye of owner and head coach, Jordan Stanton. Jeremy is certified as a Professional Barbell Coach (PBC) and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach (Pn1).

Jeremy has been active his entire life. He has been a competitive x-country skier, mountain biker, and track athlete. He enjoys hiking and traveling, winter sports, cycling, and lifting weights. As a younger man, Jeremy suffered a serious injury in a rockslide, which upended his life and challenged his ability to enjoy the sports he loved. It was through these trials that he discovered strength training as a means of rehabilitating his injuries, improving his health, and pushing his abilities.

Originally from Canada, Jeremy has had the pleasure of working in a variety of fields. He served in the military, volunteered as a ski-patroller, worked in construction and landscaping, and eventually headed to academia, where he studied geography and geographic information systems at the University of British Columbia. While there, he volunteered as the editor-in-chief of an academic journal before later working as a GIS consultant for an international firm. Jeremy has traveled to a few interesting places and has a couple of good stories. He enjoys good coffee, good food, spending time with his wife, their dog, and of course, lifting weights.

Jeremy is eager to help others overcome their own hurdles while guiding them toward stronger and more empowered lives. If you’re looking for a coach who will take the time to understand you and your goals, Jeremy is your guy.



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