Jeremy Elder

BLOC Staff Coach •

Jeremy Elder is a Starting Strength Coach based out of Next Level Barbell in Portland, Oregon, where he has trained and coached with Jordan Stanton since 2017. After receiving his SSC, Jeremy began working towards a Precision Nutrition Pn1 certification, which he will complete by mid-2020.

Jeremy brings with him a long and varied athletic career. He has been a competitive x-country skier and mountain biker, and enjoys hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and road cycling. As a younger man on adventure, a rock slide caused serious injury to Jeremy’s leg, challenging his capacity to enjoy the sports he loved. It was through these trials that Jeremy discovered strength training as a means of staying healthy and pushing his abilities.

In the past, Jeremy lived in Canada, studied Geography and Geographic Information Systems, and worked as a GIS consultant. Jeremy has travelled to a few interesting places, and has at least one good story. He enjoys good coffee, good food, and spending time with his wife, their dog, and their cat.

Jeremy is eager to help others overcome their own hurdles, while guiding them towards stronger and more empowered lives.

In-person coaching:

Next Level Barbell
16660 SE Mcloughlin Blvd
Oak Grove, OR 97267


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