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Your journey led you here. Strength is for everyone regardless of what stage of life you are experiencing. Monica’s main goal is to help her clients make the gym THEIR space and artfully balance their training around their day-to-day lives. As a team, you will not only set goals, but you will feel like you are working out together with a friend, even from across the world.

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  • Every BODY is different—she specializes in adapting and accommodating your program to meet your needs, training limitations, goals, and schedule

  • Your safety is her priority—her critical care/nursing background helps align your past medical history and injuries with an appropriate plan to move forward

  • She will always be happy to see your pets appear in your lifting videos or Zoom calls

  • Two degrees cooler than the rest: her first being Exercise Science and her second being Nursing

  • Though she works the night shift at a New York hospital, she has never had a cup of coffee in her life—what keeps YOU going?

  • Checkout content that Monica has created or contributed to here

Monica was born and raised on Long Island in New York, where she is a Registered Nurse, where she floats medical, surgical, and neuro ICUs. She delivers both online and in-person coaching, offering tools to optimize your next chapter of health and wellness. She was a varsity volleyball player in high school. She started lifting weights in her freshman year in college in 2014, began coaching in 2015, and enrolled in The Barbell Academy in 2018 under Niki Sims.

She graduated from nursing school Summa Cum Laude and received her RN license in 2019, beginning her career concurrently with the pandemic. These are the PRs nobody prepares you for—making it one day at a time in an ever-changing environment. This has made her battle-ready to engage head-on with helping you conquer obstacles. Monica has always held the belief close to her chest that “the best way through is together as a team” and that’s what you will be. Most recently, she never let the closures of gyms deter her from training; she acquired equipment and trained outside for all of 2020 on a wooden squat rack; she won’t let anything stand in your way either.

Her research on “The Effects of a Barbell Training Program on Reducing Fall Risk/Fall Related Injuries in the Frail Elderly” earned honorable mention twice, and she’s presented at two conferences. She is passionate about changing the outdated view of barbell training in the medical world to enhance the quality of life and independence in the growing older adult population. Even if you’re like Monica and will never FULLY grow up, we’ll all get older!



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Learn from Monica about training, nutrition and living a life of strength.


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