Her husband calls her “Unicorn Strength Coach Extraordinaire!” She is located in Kalispell, Montana, where she and her husband grow their food, shoot their meat, and teach their kids. She takes great joy in helping as many people as she can become stronger than they thought possible at any age. She gives feedback with a smile and can talk baked goods, programming, beginner jiu-jitsu, and lifting form with you with the same level of excitement and passion.

Learn More About Anna Marie

  • Being a homeschooling, mother of five, jiu-jitsu fighter means she has a unique perspective on how to fit training into your busy schedule that also fits your strength and lifestyle goals

  • She competes in power and strength-lifting meets and can prepare you to compete on the platform

  • She specializes in pre- and postnatal mama programming and coaching

  • She specializes in intermediate and advanced programming

Anna Marie knows a thing or two, or five, about incorporating strength into a busy and fulfilling life. She is a homeschooling mother of five (even pre-COVID), a competitive powerlifter in the USPA and USAPL, and Sole Owner and Operator of AM Strength in Kalispell, MT.

Anna Marie is an excellent guide for women who want to continue training while pregnant. She actually PRd her deadlift while 32 weeks pregnant with her 5th child and trained the big lifts until the week her daughter was born. She was back to training again four weeks after her fastest, easiest labor and delivery.

Coaching a lifter through postpartum training calls for a very special skill set and level of trust that Anna Marie takes pride in establishing. She is a resource for any question or obstacle that may arise during this phase of life.

Her expertise is not limited to pregnant and postpartum women. She has experience coaching people from all walks of life, from competitive athletes to people recovering from knee or shoulder surgery to busy parents and grandparents who just want to be able to play with their kids or grandkids.

As a mom and gym owner, she understands the real-life demands of being a provider and the strength that is required to truly be there for a family. And as a competitive lifter, she knows how to light the right fire in her clients when the time is right to push the limits.

In-person coaching:

85 Scarborough Avenue
Kalispell, MT. 59901



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