Coaching out of Oceanside, California, CJ knows his way around the gym, the trail, and the track. As a former Naval officer, BLOC Exclusive Coach, and the Director of the Barbell Academy, he helps lifters and coaches identify their True North in the journey to find greater strength and health for sport, mission, and life.

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    • CJ has coached and competed in a range of sports from powerlifting to a half-Ironman triathlon (which he’ll never do again)

    • CJ served for seven years active duty as a Naval officer, serving on two ships and as support staff with a Special Operations unit

    • CJ is the reigning BLOC Karaoke Champion (just don’t tell the other coaches that)

    • Checkout content that CJ’s created or contributed to here

CJ began coaching as a midshipman at the Naval Academy, helping others pass their military readiness tests as a Physical Training Officer. He has been coaching barbell strength full-time since 2016, both in-person and online, and coached CrossFit from 2016-2019 at CrossFit 760 in Carlsbad, California.

CJ took on a variety of sports and challenges over the course of his career—from powerlifting meets to a half-Ironman triathlon—and brings that experience to bear with lifters who use strength to support (and not become) their purpose.

He became a Coaching Academy instructor in 2018 with Group 25 and now serves as the director of the Barbell Academy, helping coaches and passionate lifters set the groundwork for barbell training to make it a more effective tool in service of their training.



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Learn from CJ about the pathway to coaching and living a life of strength.


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