Adam Skillin

BLOC Staff Coach •

Adam Skillin earned the Starting Strength Coach Credential in 2014. Prior to becoming a Starting Strength coach, he was a competitive amateur MMA fighter (4-0) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner, in which he ultimately attained the black belt.

His search for an analytical approach to strength acquisition led him to Starting Strength in 2012. Coaching in accordance with the Starting Strength methodology is his full-time occupation and is a staff member at Staring Strength Seminars.

Adam competes in Powerlifting and Strength Lifting in the 75kg weight class with personal bests of a 430 lb Squat (gym), 200.6 lb Press (competition), 295lb Bench (gym), 529lb Deadlift (competition).

His focus as a coach is centered on guiding people to become and stay strong in order to improve and maintain a high quality of life as they age, as well as helping recreational and competitive athletes become stronger in order to improve their performance in a wide array of sports.


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