Adam Skillin

BLOC Exclusive Coach, PBC •

Adam Skillin has been coaching professionally since 2014 and joined Barbell Logic as a coach in 2016. He has held various strength coaching certifications including the Professional Barbell Certification. He has quite a background beyond barbell coaching, ranging from banking to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

In the early 2000’s Adam competed as an amateur MMA fighter, retiring with a 4-0 record. It was during his fighting career that he found his way to dedicated strength training. After earning his black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Adam’s focus shifted towards barbell training and coaching. All this while pursuing a successful career in the banking industry.

It was in 2018 that Adam left the banking race and committed full time to coaching. His personal experience in balancing strength training with BJJ and strength training with a busy professional life has made him an extremely effective and relatable coach. He is able to work closely with his clients and help them strike the right balance between lifting, work, family and other athletic pursuits.

Adam occasionally competes in Powerlifting and Strength Lifting in the 75kg (165 lbs) weight class. His personal best gym lifts to date are 445 lbs Squat, 212.5 lbs Press, 307.5 lbs Bench Press, and 550 lbs Deadlift.

His focus as a coach is centered on guiding people through the process of becoming and staying strong in order to maximize quality of life as they age. He helps recreational and competitive athletes become stronger in order to improve their performance in a wide array of sports. Adam lives in Freehold, New Jersey with his wife and their dog, Tiberius, and he’s a sucker for a good (bad) “dad joke.”


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