A full-time, elite coach for lifters of all skill levels. Adam joined Barbell Logic in 2016 after several years of working as a barbell coach with in-person clients. He is an Exclusive Coach with Barbell Logic due to his specialization in working with normal, busy people—to incorporate hard, efficient, and effective training that doesn’t overshadow a client’s life. Since 2018, helping people get strong has been his one and only job.

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  • Significant experience with previously untrained individuals as well as competitive strength athletes

  • Enjoys working with clients around present and past injuries to show them that training is still possible and worthwhile

  • The changes he sees in his clients as they become strong go far beyond purely physical aspects, and knowing he had a role in their transformations is one of the most rewarding experiences of his life

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Adam spent his late 20s and early 30s focused intently on the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, eventually earning his black belt and putting together a 4-0 amateur MMA record. He realized that he needed to devote himself to some concerted, analytically-driven strength training, so he embarked on a program of progressive overload with squats, presses, deadlifts, and bench presses. He began coaching by accident, as co-workers and training partners would ask for help, following his lead.

In 2014, Adam earned a credential and began coaching paying clients on the side in his condominium loft gym. At the time, he worked a full-time job in the banking industry, so coaching was mainly a nights and weekend endeavor. In 2016, Matt Reynolds asked him to join his upstart online coaching company, and eventually he left the banking industry in 2018 to focus full-time on helping his online and in-person clients become stronger, healthier, and happier with the view in the mirror.

Adam has competed in powerlifting and strength lifting—at first in the 148 lb. weight class and more recently at 165 lb. His best competition lifts are a 197 lb. overhead press, a 295 lb. bench press, 460 lb. squat, and 545 lb. deadlift. He remains focused on improvement rather than any particular long-term weight goals, and encourages this mindset in his clients; lifting to live, not living to lift.



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