Christina Marples

BLOC Associate Coach, Sales Team •

Christina has been working in the health & fitness industry for eight years, initially specialising in group fitness training. In 2017 she moved into one to one coaching and acquired the UK level three personal training qualification.

Since then, wanting to focus more on strength and physical ability as opposed to aesthetic goals, Christina has been coached by Barbell Logic. She also audited a Coaches Camp run through Barbell Logic in Missouri, USA and has participated in their lifting camps. All of this has extensively increased her knowledge of barbell training and coaching methods and she hopes to use this to help improve others health and quality of life. Christina is currently enrolled in the Barbell Logic Coaching Academy and is coaching clients one to one at the gym she co-runs in the UK.

Christina believes that strength training is hugely important for building confidence and improving wellbeing, and that making training accessible and simple is the best possible way to help others to achieve this.

In-person coaching:

Norwich Strength Training
Norwich, United Kingdom


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