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Nikki Burman

BLOC Exclusive Coach, Director of Client Experience, PBC •

Nikki is our Director of Client Experience and an Exclusive & Nutrition Coach.

She is a master at truly connecting with her clients. She identifies what it takes to drive a person to make incredible changes and goes above and beyond to support them in doing so. She specializes in working with women pre- and postnatal, those in the military, and people wanting to lose or gain weight. Nikki also has a knack for competitive lifters coaching many through state, regional and national meets and has coached multiple clients to set powerlifting state records.

Being is mom is Nikki’s favorite thing in the entire world. Through personal experience of training throughout her pregnancies and postpartum training, she has developed a HUGE passion in working with other mamas and soon to be mamas! She understands how to guide them through their training, helping it fit into their busy lives, balance those energy demands, and keep them safe and strong. She loves when she hears “I want to get strong now because we plan on having a baby soon, so that I can continue to have a strong pregnancy.” YES! Let’s do this!For military clients, Nikki understands the unique fitness requirements for the different service branches. She has been privileged to coach service members—both deployed and at home—helping prepare them for physical fitness tests while maintaining their strength. Her husband is a Lieutenant Colonel in the army, so he is a great resource and she understands the demands of being in a military family.

Nikki started off her strength journey by going through her own transformation and losing 30 pounds. She understands the obstacles that are to be faced and what it takes to achieve the goal of a real body and lifestyle change. That, with her experience in nutrition coaching, enables her to help her clients who have specific weight goals, whether it be losing or gaining.

Nikki’s certifications are: Professional Barbell Coach, Starting Strength Coach, Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Level 2, USAW, NASM, and holds a B.S. in the Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

In-person coaching:

Litchfield Park, AZ


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