John Ait is a strength coach in Athens, GA. His philosophy on training is simple: training needs to fit the individual. We all function differently, and everyone has a different threshold of how much exercise and intensity they can handle. John’s approach is based on the client’s needs and designed for how your body currently moves. Young or old, he wants his clients to get stronger, improve body composition, decrease aches, and have a better-quality life.

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  • Specializes in loaded human movement and has the knowledge to scale movements to anyone at any level of training

  • Passionate about educating & helping individuals reach their goals through science-based approaches to strength training

  • Committed to helping individuals improve their quality of life by optimizing their nutritional status while getting stronger under the barbell

John grew up playing sports in Lincoln, Nebraska, at a time when Boyd Epley’s Husker Power and the Bigger, Faster, Stronger program were a way of life. From being a young boy reading Muscle and Fitness and drinking Herbalife Protein to now, John has always had an interest in strength training and nutrition.

John graduated from the University of Georgia and has spent most of his career in the corporate world. Having slipped into a sedentary lifestyle and packing on the pounds, at age 39, John decided he was going to make a lifestyle change for the benefit of his family and himself. He began researching barbell training programs, and through trial and error, he discovered the Starting Strength model of barbell training. He was hooked! Determined to learn more about loaded human movement, John has attended Starting Strength and Barbell Logic courses, camps, clinics, and seminars. John told the corporate world to “shove it” in 2018 and has pursued his love of barbell training since. John applies his knowledge to help improve his client’s quality of life, having completed the Barbell Academy and multiple master-level courses in anatomy and nutrition. He now lives in Georgia, where he provides private strength training at Athens Barbell Academy. He is a full-time staff coach at Barbell Logic and has acquired his Professional Barbell Coach certification.



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