Karl Schudt

BLOC Staff Coach • kschudt@barbell-logic.com

Karl has been coaching professionally since 2012, and has run camps and staffed seminars around the country. He currently coaches in-person clients at Chicago Strength and Conditioning.

Karl started lifting in high school with Nautilus machines. In college he did the “bro” lifts and got pretty good at the bench press. After college he went astray, exercising with various ineffective machines and even tried running. He was weak. When his son John was born, he discovered how weak he truly was, since carrying him around gave Karl debilitating back spasms. He discovered barbells and serious strength training in an attempt to cure his back problems. Since he started deadlifting in 2009, those problems have vanished. He wasn’t imbalanced or suffering from a pathology, he was just weak. Barbell training changed his life, and he wants to help other people get the same benefit.

Karl holds state records in 100% Raw Powerlifiting for Illinois in the bench press, squat, and total for his age and weight class. He currently holds national records in the Masters 110kg class in US Strengthlifting. His lifetime goal is to get a 600lb lift, either in squat or deadlift. So far he’s gotten to 592.5lbs.

Karl has a background in engineering and in the liberal arts, with two engineering degrees, a doctorate in philosophy, and a master’s degree in theology. He taught philosophy and humanities for twenty years at Benedictine University in Lisle, IL, but has since moved on to be full-time strength coach. He also works at Online Great Books running seminars on the great books.

He love teachings, but the best teaching he ever does is coaching people to get stronger.

In-person coaching:

Chicago Strength and Conditioning
5354 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60646


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