Niki Sims

CXO, BLOC Exclusive Coach, PBC •

Niki is our Chief Experience Officer and an Exclusive Coach.

With over a decade of coaching experience, Niki has gained invaluable experience coaching men and women from all training backgrounds, or lack thereof, who have diverse and important goals.

Prior to becoming a dedicated strength coach, she spent many hours chasing aesthetic and flighty goals. Constantly feeling unfulfilled and stuck, it was through dedicated barbell training that she started to fully appreciate the big picture or strength. Goals are now driven by true internal values and motivation, and she hopes to help her clients find the same feeling of fulfillment in their abilities.

Niki believes that through these basic barbell exercises, one is able to connect to something that brings tremendous value to his or her life in countless ways. Through the process of becoming stronger, her clients are rewarded with confidence, usefulness, youthfulness, and growth.

Niki competes in Powerlifting and Strengthlifting with personal bests of a 290lb Squat, 120lb Press, 200lb Bench, 430lb Deadlift and a 100lb Weighted Chin-up. She also practices jiu jitsu and loves to watch sunsets over the beach.

In-person coaching:

Orange County, CA


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