Niki is passionate about helping people get to know the stronger version of themselves. With over 10 years of barbell coaching and training experience, she knows what it takes to program for life, fine tune form to maximize training stimulus, and provide support to continue to choose strength over weakness.

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  • Empathetic, persistently positive, and only wants the best for her clients

  • She adamantly believes we all need to build and maintain muscle as we age

  • She is dedicated to her lifting and training BJJ, she is currently a purple belt

  • Uses her skills and passion to provide the opportunity for people to thrive as lifters and coaches through Barbell Logic

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Strength is the core of Niki’s personal life and her professional life. She’s spent many years developing a relationship with training, eating and body image that is adaptable and sustainable.

She sees people at war with their bodies, hoping to look and feel like someone else someday, and wants to show them how to change that relationship to a positive one of acceptance, awareness and growth.

As a coach, she will carefully push your limits, and drive improvement by helping you see and appreciate what you are capable of through awareness, habit, and hard work.

She finds a lot of joy in leading the Experience Team for Barbell Logic, learning how to choke people out in jiu-jitsu, and spending as many hours as possible reading on the beach wearing SPF 10000000 because it’s just as fun to enjoy yourself outside of the gym as it is inside of the gym.



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Learn from Niki about the pathway to coaching and living a life of strength.

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