Niki Sims

VP of Internal Relations

Niki is the VP of Internal Relations, Staff Coach and coaches in-person out of her garage in Orange County, CA.

Prior to becoming a strength coach, she spent many many many hours chasing dreams of being as skinny as someone else and having as many abs as “that girl.” Constantly feeling unfulfilled and stuck, it was in 2013 that she put a stop to her “CrossFit douchebaggery and started to fully appreciate true training and the process of getting strong” which has given her a healthier appreciation for her body and its capacity.

She competes in Powerlifting and Strengthlifting with personal bests of a 290lb Squat, 120lb Press, 200lb Bench, 418lb Deadlift and a 92.5lb Weighted Chin-up. She also practices jiu jitsu.

Niki coaches to help people become stronger and truly appreciate their abilities.


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