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Niki works with men and women who love to train and know why they love to train. Whether it be the routine, a competitive spirit, because you know it’s good for you even though it’s hard, for the love of the pump, for the long term pay off, or because you are addicted to feeling physically capable and strong. Whatever it may be, Niki will always be on your side, fighting for your fulfillment and progress.

Learn More About Niki

  • She has worked with all levels of lifting experience

  • She has been lifting and coaching for over 10 years

  • She competes in both lifting and jiu-jitsu and understands the challenges of navigating physically demanding hobbies

Training is a part of Niki’s personal life and her professional life. She’s spent many, many years developing a very important relationship with training that is adaptable and sustainable. She sees many people at war with their bodies, hoping to look and feel like someone else someday.

Her purpose is to carefully push your limits, to drive improvement by helping you see and appreciate what you are capable of through awareness, habit, and hard work.

Her other purposes are leading the Experience Team for Barbell Logic, learning how to choke people out in jiu-jitsu, and spending as many hours as possible reading on the beach wearing SPF 10000000 because it’s just as fun to enjoy yourself outside of the gym as it is inside of the gym.



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